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ARVAND is a commodity based company established along with the same trademark registered in United Arab Emirates.
ARVAND is actively participate in wholesale distribution as well as retail. We are providing our clients with products of the highest quality at very competitive rates. Throughout our strong connections to vast variety of main sources and manufacturers, we made sure of offering the best quality products to the consumers. Our team of skilled workforce with comprehensive experience in Middle East, proudly serve our company to reach this goal. The large and broad knowledge and extensive experience of our team builds a solid basis for offering our customers a mind relief about their purchase.
Furthermore, our awareness of market and the potential targeted customers, helps us supply the right products, accordingly, we ensure the maximum consumer satisfaction. ARVAND is working directly with the manufacturers, which gives us a competitive edge, as we are able to provide high quality products at very reasonable rates . With experienced management team, as well as experienced staff and close ties to our carefully selected companies and manufacturers, ARVAND has effectively positioned itself to meet the diverse requirements of all its clients . Our goal in business from the start has been to offer our valued customers, quality and the best type of products for each particular need. Today, we look back over years of continuous success and development.



Dates & Dried fruits




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